DTF printout from your own files: 11-50mb

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More info: DTF printout from your own files: 11-50mb

We offer you professional printing in DTF (Direct To Film) technology directly from the file provided by the client.

The price applies to a print of 1 running meter (when ordering 11-50 m).

Running meter = 56 x 100cm

What if you want to order more than 1 running meter?

In situations where you are interested in longer printouts - please use dedicated products, thanks to which the final price will be much lower. We are interested in the total number of print meters, regardless of the number of prepared files.

The valuation includes each started running meter.

In our offer you will find 4 configurations:

- a printout of 1 running meter
- a total printout of 2-10 mb
- a total printout of 11-50 mb
- printouts exceeding 50 mb in total

Example 1:

If you have 5 files to print, where each of them is 80 cm long, enter the product 2-10 meters (the total of prints is 4 m) and add 4 such prints to the basket.

Example 2:

We have 1 file to print, which is 60 cm long, and the client wishes 12 such repetitions. The whole is 0.6 x 12 = 7.2 m. You need to add 8 products to the cart.

Is the uploaded file being prepared for printing?

We do not interfere with the customer's files! We print exactly what we receive. We do not consider complaints due to poorly prepared files.


The printout should not contain elements smaller / thinner than 1mm.

In the case of small patterns:

may occur

- incomplete coverage with glue, and as a consequence, it is not possible to apply these areas
- a delicate, white halo extending beyond the printout (white underprint)

For individual designs exceeding 100cm in length - please contact us for pricing.

What distinguishes printing in this DTF technology?

- full colors
- vivid colors
- possibility of using tonal transitions

How to properly prepare the file?

Each centimeter of the print requires at least 100 pixels of file resolution. This means that in order for the print quality to be satisfactory, and for the final image to be 10 cm in size, you must have a file with a side of at least 1000px.


- resolution: 300dpi
- color space: CMYK
- size 100px per cm
- extension: PDF
- transparency, if required
- without mirroring

Jak przekazać pliki do druku?

Files for printing can be attached already during the ordering process. In step "01. Summary" there is an appropriate field that allows you to link files to a specific order. It looks like:

It is also possible to transfer files using external services, e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer. In this case, the link to download them should be placed in the comment to the order.

What is the maximum print size?

The foil on which the prints are made is 60 cm wide so the safe printing surface is approx. 56cm. The length is limited by the size of the entire beam, i.e. 100m.

In what form will I receive the ordered prints?

Prints are sent uncut - rolled up for self-cutting and application.

How long does it take for printouts?

We deliver printouts up to 10mb within 3 working days. In the case of larger productions - the time needed will be proportionately longer.

How to apply DTF printouts?

DTF prints can be applied with an iron or an industrial press.

1. We place the print directly on the right side of the product.
2. Heating temperature: 150°C (2-3 dots depending on the iron).
3. Heating time: 15 sec. (turn off the steam function in the iron).
4. Picking: cold. After it cools down, gently peel off the transfer foil and check whether the decorations adhere completely to the material. If not - repeat the action.

ATTENTION! Avoid moving the iron horizontally - the heated pattern may become deformed or move.

Right to use the printed design.

Each customer ordering a printout declares that they have the right to reproduce, print, use sent graphics and they do not violate the law, including: copyrights, property rights, image use or reserved trademarks, etc.

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DTF printout from your own files: 11-50mb

DTF printout from your own files: 11-50mb

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