Lurexshine Film SLU-13 Ivory

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Thermal Transfer Lurexshine Film

Lurexshine Flex thermal transfer film for clothes is a high-quality product that can be easily, quickly and, most importantly, permanently decorated with all kinds of clothes and accessories. It will work on T-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, backpacks, pants, caps, and the motifs cut from it will add shine to clothes and accessories.

kolorystyka folii lurexshine

What distinguishes the Lurexshine film?

Lurexshine is a foil that is deceptively similar to a fabric weave or an embroidery structure. Enriched with metallized particles, it shines silver, gold or in color at certain angles. An additional advantage is the possibility of gluing further flex foils or other thermo-decorations to its surface. Thanks to its uniqueness, it will be an extraordinary decoration for clothing and a definite hit on the market.

zastosowanie lurexshine

Due to the reflective and iridescent properties of the film - the color of the product in the photos may vary depending on the angle of incidence of light.


Flex Films - the perfect choice for any occasion

The Flex Films we offer are ideal for decorating clothes made of, for example, cotton, polyester or viscose. They are a unique decorative element, and at the same time can boast of extraordinary flexibility and very good adhesion. Flex films will give your clothes a unique character and allow you to express yourself. Have fun and create unique clothing that will be envied by others.

What can I decorate with Flex Films?

Flex films are widely used and can be used for decorating:

- women's, men's and children's clothing, underwear;
- costumes for dancers, New Year's Eve outfits, swimwear;
- shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, jeans;
- accessories, i.e. shoes, bags, hats, scarves, chimneys, gloves, tights, socks;
- home accessories, i.e. curtains, curtains, bedding, cushions, blankets, blankets, tablecloths, table runners, pads, towels.

Flex films can also be successfully used for:

- handicraft and art work;
- creating invitations, cards, postcards, cardmaking, scarpbooking;
- decorating furniture, mirrors, vases, etc.

How to use the Flex Film with an iron in 5 steps?

It is very easy!

1. Iron the place of application so that there are no creases and possible moisture.
2. Place the pattern directly on the right side of the product.
3. Set the iron to 140-150 ° C.
4. Put the iron on, without the steam function, pressing lightly (do not move horizontally).
5. Gently peel off the transfer foil (if exist) and check if the decoration sticks to the material completely. If not - repeat the action. You can also turn the product over and put the iron against the left side of the product.

How to wash clothes decorated with Flex Film?

Thanks to the use of high-quality Flex Film, you can easily take care of the cleanliness of the decorated clothes. However, a few rules should be followed so that the product is durable and pleases the eye for a long time:

- wash by hand or in a washing machine on a delicate mode;
- do not exceed the temperature of 40 degrees;
- put the garment inside out;
- reduce the spin speed or avoid it.

Can I create my own pattern from Flex Film?

If you are involved in decorating clothing, footwear, haberdashery or accessories and you have ready-made, your own designs or ideas, the production or application of which you want to entrust to our qualified employees, please contact with us.

How is the film cut per meter?

The film is delivered in one piece, so if the sample order is for 7 pieces - the Buyer will receive 7 meters of film in one piece.

Can I return the purchased Flex Film?

If the order is for the entire beam - no problem. In the case of film cutting - we treat the product as made to individual order according to the customer's guidelines - and such a product is not returnable. Please consider your purchases carefully.


kategoria filmu folii flex Film category: PU
grubość folii flex Thickness: 340 µ
długość rolki folii flex Dimensions of the roll: 48cm x 25m
 Knife at the right angle: 45°
rodzaj tkaniny do oklejenia folią flex Type of fabric: polyester, cotton, viscose
czas wprasowania folii flex Heating and time: 140-150°C, 8-12 seconds
 Washing temperature: up to 40°C
temperatora wprasowania folii flex Ironing: on the left side
temperatura wgrzewania folii flex Removing: on hot

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Lurexshine Film SLU-13 Ivory

Lurexshine Film SLU-13 Ivory

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